The logistical process from your purchase through to delivery:


  • You place your order with your wine supplier
  • We receive your instruction to collect – this can be done by e-mail, fax or telephone.
  • We contact the supplier with the request to inform us of the ‘ready date’ and the quantities to be shipped. We continue to do this until we get an answer. If the information differs from what you have told us, we will contact you.
  • After receiving the ‘ready date’ and quantities to be shipped, we arrange the transportation.
  • For European wine shipping we have an extensive network of European wine carriers. Wine is loaded directly into the vehicle travelling to the Benelux countries, avoiding extra transhipments.
  • Every Tuesday you will receive a summary of the shipments which have not yet been reported as being ready.
  • Every Thursday you will receive a summary of the shipments which are scheduled to be shipped.
  • If required, we can insure the wine shipment and arrange the customs declaration.
  • We then check the delivery of your wine.

All this can only be achieved with the aid of an efficient IT system. The automatic functions monitor the progress of your order.