Verhoeven Wijnexpediteurs is well-established in wine shipping. The company has constantly developed since it was founded in 1924; slowly at first, of course, and depending on the circumstances.


After 1945 we developed as a France specialist. Exports were fed by the textile industry in Tilburg, and on the return journey wine was brought to the Netherlands. This is how Tilburg grew to become the Netherlands’ ‘wine centre’.


Alongside French wine, there were also increasing imports of wine from Spain and Italy. This created the basis for the wine shipping company. Carrying everything ourselves was not possible, and so we used fellow carriers, who collected the wine for us from the other wine-producing countries. What we did retain was the ‘wine knowledge’. This remains the case today: everything centrally controlled and professionally managed.

Alongside the familiar wine-producing countries of France, Spain, Italy and Germany, we also arrange wine shipments from other countries including Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic to the Benelux countries and Germany.

Wine from the ‘New World’ is collected by our sister company Verhoeven Wine Shipping from the overseas countries and delivered to your home.

After nearly 100 years, Verhoeven Wijnexpediteurs is still ‘young’, full of life and very keen to carry out your instructions with great pleasure and expertise.